To Use White Magic Love Spells Or Black Magic Love Spells?

white magic love spells
white magic love spells

So you have heard about white magic love spells, but you have no idea what they are all about. Are white magic spells the same as white magick spells, or are they two different things. Are they the other side of black magic, or are they opposite of it? All these are questions that someone who is considering using these spells may have in mind.

So, what can you expect in this article? Mostly, I have written this piece intending to introduce white magic spells that work so that I can give you an idea of what you need to know if you are considering using them.

Do you always find yourself in conflict as to whether you should use black or white magic love spells? Discover why I believe that this is not even the question you should be asking.

What are white magic spells?

Like all other spells, the idea behind white magic is the use of magic to attain what you are looking for in your life. The most important thing to understand when you deal with white magic spells is that they attempt to do away with any negativity. This means that authentic magic spells will never be used to do things that may hurt other people.

If we are saying that white magic seeks to accomplish good things, we are merely saying that this is a group of spells that belongs to a class of good witchcraft spells. So, are they the opposite of black magic spells? While some people are likely to answer this question with an emphatic yes, I often take care when I do.

 good witchcraft spells
good witchcraft spells

I don’t think that white magic love spells that work fast should be seen as the opposite of black magic spells. I see black magic and white magic as different types of spells that have traveled a different trajectory. I don’t believe that one is holier than the other because I think that a spell is only good or bad depending on how someone uses it.

The history of white magic spells

I have already indicated that the real difference between white magic spells and black magic spells is in their history. Hence, I think that it is essential for us to look at the history of white magic generally, and white magic spells in particular. It is my view that to understand how to do white magic for love, we need to know their history.

The origin of white magic retraced by the occult author Gareth Knight in his famous book entitled A History of White Magic. These spells have a link to religion in general and the early adaptations of the Palaeolithic religion.

White magic started from around the 15th Century when natural magic was a subject that peoples in high society used to discuss a lot. Proponents of white magic have also connected it to Christianity, where they often refer to magic acts by the likes of Jesus Christ, who is said to have changed water into wine.

The modern understanding of white magic love spells

My knowledge of the interpretation of white magic spells belongs to what has been called the contemporary interpretation. This is in keeping with the book by Robert M Place which goes by the title, Magic and Alchemy which says that a spell or the action of how to stop witchcraft spells should never be seen as good or bad on its own. Instead, it is the primary intention of the person using the spells that really matters.

In Place’s definition, when you learn how to do white magic at home, you should be doing so with the intention of doing what is right. The same author says the aim is to take the practitioner to a spiritual state of enlightenment that is higher. He refuses to endorse a view that white magic is high and black magic is low as he charges that such definitions are filled with prejudices.

Is white magic real?

Another critical question that many people who are considering using white magic often ask is if white magic is real. Attempting to answer a subject like this one can be quite tricky because one may not understand it. In most instances, people who ask this question are actually asking whether a spell-like a white candle love spell is authentic or not.

So, I shall answer the question that is being asked here and the question that many are often attempting to ask with this question. As someone who has been working with people and helping them to cast spells for a long time, I will be the first to say that white magic is indeed real. However, there is one thing you need to remember; the white magic spell caster you use should know what they are doing.

white magic spell caster
White magic spell caster

Should you compare white magic to black magic?

As you may see from my writings above, I do not think that anyone should spend their precious time trying to compare white magic and back magic to decide which one is bad and which one is right. If you are going to make any comparison at all, I believe that you should be doing so to determine which type of magic would be suitable for your current situation.

So, if you see some dark magic spells that really work, which result in bad things, don’t blame this on black magic and say that all black magic is evil. As much as someone can use black magic to do bad things, so can people use white magic to do bad things. Hence, what you should really be asking yourself is whether what you are about to do is a good or bad thing.

Watch your intentions

As you may have already noticed from this article, what is essential is not to worry about which type of magic is positive and which one is negative. It is vital to search inside yourself before you take any action. This process of searching inside yourself helps you to determine the intention behind your action. If you feel that the action you may be about to take may infringe on someone else’s happiness, then you are better off not taking it. If you do, you may pay back in a painful way.


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