When you read or hear the word healing, it is possible that you start to think about the people living with disabilities and sicknesses that you know. It is possible that you suddenly begin to see people being fixed and becoming whole like the majority of the people walking the earth. How would you feel though if I told you that the majority of the people that are either not sick or living with a disability may actually need the healing than the people that we think do? Hence I will say that we all need healing spells.

In this article, I would like to look at not just the topic of healing those who live with disabilities and sickness, but also those of us who are afflicted by challenges that are no apparent to the eye. For instance, you may not be blind, deaf, or on a wheelchair, but the trauma you have experienced in your life may have left you emotionally damaged and in need of emotional healing spells.

Are you one of the people that believe they don’t need healing spells? Learn about how all human beings lose balance as they live through life and how they can benefit from powerful healing spells.

Who needs a powerful healing spell?

Before we even go on about what healing spells can do for you, let’s start by asking an important question: Who needs powerful healing spells. No one is immune to the tribulation and trials that life presents to all human beings. We have all faced trials and trauma in our lives. Some have been in accidents, and others have chronic illnesses. This is the reason why we all need self-healing spells.

It’s easy to feel judged when you say that you are looking for strong healing spells. This is because most of us are brought up and taught that we should be strong. We are told that life is full of trials and tribulations which we should take with grace. Even though there is some truth to this teaching, I don’t think anyone should feel less worthy when they admit that they are suffering and need healing.

What is healing?

As you read this article, you may be getting confused and wondering what we all mean when we are always talking about healing. The idea of healing emanates from the fact that a human being should always be in a state of good health. Good health means that you are not suffering from either pain physically or emotionally. It means that you are balanced.

When there is any form of pain in your life, whether it is physical or emotional pain, you have lost the balance which your body needs to sustain health. This is when you start to require healing.

Witch healing

Healing can happen in different ways. Unfortunately, we have now been told that the only way to solve health issues is to go to the modern hospital. Please don’t get me wrong as I am not implying that going to a hospital is wrong. What I am merely saying is that the hospital is just one of the places where you can find healing. Another vital avenue to healing is through witchdoctors. These healers were there before the modern hospital system came into place.

When you get a spell for healing sickness from a witch doctor, you are approaching your healing from a spiritual level. This kind of healing acknowledges that disease in the body is actually a symbolism of a spiritual problem. Witches believe that for something to eventually manifest physically, it must start by existing in the spirit. If diseases are a manifestation of what has already existed in the spiritual realm, then we can also believe that the cures for healing those diseases also exist in spirit.

The spiritual plan is where the healing spell chant comes in. When you say a chant, it is not so important what words you say. Instead, it is vital to understand that you are directing your thinking in a specific direction. Anyone who has ever read any of my articles will know that I believe that our future is shaped by our desires, fears, and aspirations. Hence, it is essential to watch what you think and say because that is what you become.

Casting healing spells for others

Now that you have an idea that most of the diseases that manifest in our lives are a result of our thoughts, the things we are afraid of and the response of the universe to our actions lets deal with another question. Can you cast healing spells for others? The answer is an emphatic yes, but there is a condition.

Whether you want to cast candle healing spells or spells for health and protection for someone else, the truth is that the other person has to be a part of the process. No matter how good a healer is, if the person being healed does not trust and believe in the process, there is no way the healing will work. Even modern medical doctors will tell you about the power of thinking that the medicine you are taking will work.

So, if you believe that someone can benefit from healing spells, it is crucial that you have their buy-in before you start the process of casting a spell for healing pain on their behalf. Make them understand the concept that we are what we think we are.

What about free healing spells?

Many people ask about what the idea of free healing spells really means. So, I thought I should address this issue in this article. When we talk about free healing spells, we suggest that the spellcaster will assist you in casting the spell for free. This, however, does not mean that you will not pay anything. You will still need to pay for the spell and then approach the spellcaster to help you cast the spell. Most spellcasters will agree to do this for you for free.

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