Obeah Spells: All You Need To Know

obeah spells
obeah spells

Of you have heard about Obeah spells, maybe you have asked yourself what they are all about. You may also be wondering whether spells from this category, such as the Obeah love spell, are something that could be helpful for you. Today, I have decided to concentrate on everything to do with Obeah spells that you may want to know. I will end the article by discussing whether these types of spells work.

What is Obeah?

To understand everything about Obeah spells that work, the point of departure should be an understanding of what Obeah is. Please note that you may also meet people who call it Obi, Obeah, Obeya, or Obia. However, all these words mean the same thing.

Are you faced with unsurmountable obstacles that leave you doubting and afraid? Then you may need to try Obeah spells.

What makes it a challenge to define what Obeah is is the fact that the idea is not an integrated set of practices. However, we can still define Obeah as a system of healing and spiritual practices started by slaves who arrived in the West Indies from West Africa. Even though the other types of spells we often write about on these websites result from religions, spells like obeah spells to bring back an ex or obeah spells for money are not a result of religious practice.

Why do we say that Obeah is not a religion per se? We say so because it does not have elements found in other religions, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques. It neither has places which are seen as shrines or other such amenities where people gather to worship or do rituals. It also does not have congregations or people who lead such congregations. The only thing that may make it look like religion is the fact that it has followers.

The history of powerful Obeah spells

As West Africans arrived in the Caribbean as a result of the slave trade, they were encouraged to cast away their beliefs and religions to embrace Christianity. While some were easy to convert, many simply refused and continued to engage in the practices they arrived from their places of origin with. This is how Obeah, as a system, was born.

So, where does the word Obeah come from? Over the years, attempts to answer this question have hit a brick wall because there is hardly any agreement in the academic and religious communities. Some suggest that the word originates in the communities of the Gold Coast. Those who support this reasoning say that the word comes from the phrase abayifo, which is linked to malicious magic practiced by Ashanti priests.

In literature, the word Obeah can be seen in writings from the early years of the 18th Century. These writings are connected to the Nanny of the Maroons. For instance, sources written by colonialist apologists write about Nanny in several derogatory ways, sometimes calling her “the rebel’s old Obeah woman.” She was accused of suffering from a lack of sex and being thirstier for blood than Maroon men.

Obeah declared illegal

Following the Tacky’s War, Jamaica made the Obeah practice illegal. As everything that is ostracised by authorities, this banning encouraged a lot of discussion about the system and other elements linked to it like obeah love binding spell and how to remove obeah curse

Legend has it that during the rebellion, Tacky consulted an Obeah spellcaster who made his forces more confident and also immune from the bullets of the British aligned army. This was the reason behind the banning of the system.

Obeah spells

Now that we have an idea of the origins of the Obeah system let’s look at the specifics of Obeah. Like all other spells we write about on this website, Obeah spells free, or Obeah magic spells have helped a lot of people in different life situations. The most powerful obeah spells are the solution that people who have failed to solve their problems using any other spells often turn to.

When do you need Obeah spells?

So, when do you need Obeah spells? If you have someone at home who needs help immediately, they need it. This includes those whose problems result from Obeah spells themselves. For such people, you may need a solution to break obeah spells. Sometimes you may have a problem because someone has cast an Obeah to break up spell on your relationship.

If you feel that your life is not moving in the direction that you want because there are barriers that seem impossible, you may need to really obey spell casters to help you remove those barriers. Attempting to deal with such challenges alone will never produce a solution.

If you have gone to anyone else and you are not finding the solution, it may now be time for you to try using Obeah spell casters who know what they are doing. You may want to try these spells before you give up and allow life to happen to you. You have nothing to lose by trying.

Does Obeah love spells work?

If there is one question that every spellcaster must repeatedly answer, it is whether a specific type of spell works. Even though many people would prefer an answer that says yes or no, the reality is that things are not that simple. I have always argued that spells and common sense work together.

What do I mean by my statement above? Spells are the spiritual solution to any challenge, and common sense is the practical solution. For things to change, the two must work together. I mean here that you can cast all the Obeah love spells you want, but if you don’t go out there to meet people, you may as well be wasting your time.

If you want to learn more about Obeah spells, why don’t you grab an Obeah spellbook today?