Magick Spells: All You Need To Know

magick spells
magick spells

You have heard people talk about magick spells and you have asked yourself several questions about whether we are talking about the same thing as magic spells when we talk about such spells. You may also be asking yourself: Do magick spells really work? To try and answer these questions, I have decided to answer these questions in this article where I plan to tell the truth about black magick.

What are magick spells?

I know we have already provided a definition of what magic spells are in the articles we have done before on this website. But I know may people reading this article would be asking themselves what magick spells are. In the majority of cases, people asking whether magick spells are the same as magic spells are trying to find out if the two are the same. If they are, then why do they have different spellings?

Do you ever wonder what the difference between magick and magic is? Discover the answer and the elements that make magick spells work.

Even though the terms magic and magick are usually used interchangeably by many people, they are actually different when we look at their origins. The word magick is credited to a man called Aleister Crowley who is the founder of a religion known as Thelema. This is a man linked to contemporary occultism which has an influence on those who would later g on to establish other religions such as Scientology and Wicca where simple Wiccan magick spells for every day come from.

Magick is different from stage magic

When Crowley started using the term magick, he provided some reasons why he was doing so. One of the most important reasons he gave is that he wanted to show that there is a difference between what he was doing and the magic that people were doing all over the place. So, if someone talked about the Magick spell to make a person fall in love with you, you would know that they are not just talking about the stage magic that people do for fun.

Apart from ensuring that magick and other such concepts like the magick of writing your own magick were not treated as stage magic, Crowley also wanted to emphasize the fact that magick is anything that moves a human being towards their best self. He argued that it takes the human in the direction of what is called their True Will. This means the use of things like the best magick spells podcasts for purposes of ensuring that you reach the destiny for which you were created.

The extra K

When you look at concepts like lover white magick and candle magic spells, you will realize that one phrase has the extra K. Even though it may seem like a random idea to include the extra K, Crowley was actually deliberate when he added it. He explains that making the word have six letters as opposed to five has numerical significance. If you look at his writings, you will realize that he treats six-sided shapes with a certain level of reverence 

Do magick spells really work?

Now that we have an idea of what concepts like white magick love spells are all about, we can move on to answer the question as to whether magic spells really work. Well, even though many people reading this article would rather have me giving a yes or no answer, things are not that simple. I will now explain the long answer.

Part of the explanation to the long answer is that magick should never be viewed as a magic bullet that changes things when all you do is just to sit and do nothing. Magick words when you work. As many people who have read any of my articles would know by now, I believe that spells and life are two sides of the same coin. Life is about doing the practical stuff that could help you to get to your destiny while spells are the spiritual side that allows you to achieve your destiny.

Factors influencing whether spells work or not

Whether you are doing simple black magic spells or dark black magic spells, certain factors influence whether your spell will work or not. We present them below.

Emotional attachment

In some of my previous articles, I have spoken about the importance of being clear about what you want to attract and then developing the emotions that will ensure you get those things. For instance, let’s say that you want to attract love. You will have to start by practicing the emotions that will attract love. This may mean beginning to identify the good things about yourself and working on ensuring that you are loveable. Only then will you be able to attract the love you are looking for.


To attract something into your life, you have to start by believing that it is possible for that which you want to attract to happen to you. Remember that your brain takes its cue from you. If you tell it what you want and it seems that you believe in what you want, it will soon be on its way to ensure that the things that you wish to become possible. In the beginning believing may sound as if you are lying to yourself, but eventually, as you start to realize what is possible, you will soon begin to believe.

Focus on what you want

A fact of life is that things only happen to those that focus on the main goal. What this means is that if you’re going to use Magick spells, you will have to realize what is important to you and then focus on that. This means that you would not want to be casting spells in different directions with a focus on more than one desire at a time. For instance, if you are still looking for a job, focus on the job and leave matters of love aside so that you can entirely focus on them when your job challenges are sorted.

In the same way, if you focus on black magic revenge spells, it means that you are keeping yourself on the past and preventing yourself from moving forward with your life. Instead of focusing on revenge, you will be better off focusing on forgiveness and moving on.

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