Voodoo Revenge Spells: Here Is A Quick Cure

Voodoo Revenge Spells
Voodoo Revenge Spells

I have never met anyone who does not have enemies. The sad thing about enemies is that they do not care how good you are; they will attack you for being right. The other thing about enemies is that they are not always out in the open; sometimes, they come as your best friends, workmates, and cousins. This is why they are sometimes so challenging to deal with that some people believe the best protection method is voodoo revenge spells.

In this article, I want to examine the broad topic of revenge. By the time we get to the end of this piece, I would like you to be thinking about whether voodoo spells for revenge are your best option. If they are, we want to find out when it is best to use them. If they are not, we want to say what alternatives someone who would have considered voodoo doll revenge spells can resort to.

When do people need it?

In the majority of cases, the people I meet looking for revenge spells are people who have been hurt. Most of the time, the people who have been hurt don’t deserve to be destroyed because they have done nothing wrong. This is why you could never judge a person looking for an enemy spell to crush their enemies once and for all.

Maybe you are wondering what kind of pain some people go through. Imagine your wife or husband leaving you for your best friend. Imagine knowing every day that it is the people that you trusted with your life who have betrayed you and left a knife stuck deep down your back. What would you do if this was your situation? Some people will walk away and pray that time, the great healer, will give them peace. However, some will only find peace when they have cast a spell to destroy someone.

Whether it is okay to cast spells to curse someone who has wronged you is a decision you must make. The consequences of such a decision will live with you. Hence, whenever someone comes to me asking for spells to make someone sick, I never judge them. All I do is to give them as much knowledge as I have about these spells and the consequences of such spells. I leave each to decide whether they will use the spell or not to that person.

What spells for revenge can do for you

As you may already know, revenge is the process of paying back someone who has done something wrong to you. In most cases, people who cast spells to curse an enemy want the person they are cursing to feel more pain than when their enemy hurt them.

Even though I don’t blame people who resort to revenge spells, I have reservations about using such magic as Haitian voodoo revenge spells. The problem for me is that once you start moving on a path of revenge, you risk taking yourself on a slippery slope that you will find extremely difficult to return.

For instance, when you learn to curse someone who broke your heart, you immerse yourself in negative energy. The problem is that when you have negative energy around you, you can’t attract positive energy simultaneously. This means your blessings will have to wait for a positive space in your life. Where does this space come from if you always seek revenge against those who wronged you?

Is there a safe way

It would be irresponsible to say I have reservations against revenge spells and not provide an alternative. When I say using a spell to make someone lose their job is not a safe way to get revenge, I don’t mean that there is no room in life for revenge.

One of the most effective revenge methods is ensuring that your energy takes its own medicine. This can be done through the use of protection spells. Some simple protection spells include using a lemon spell to keep someone away or casting a spell to make an enemy move away.

Why protection spells are safer

What I know is that the world is full of evil people who will always rejoice at the misfortunes of others. I am convinced that such people have to be stopped. However, if you are going to revenge, never use revenge spells; instead, use protective spells.

Protective spells are safer because they do not put you in the negative territory of attacking someone. Remember that we said you have to use negative energy when you attack. Protective spells will reverse the spell to return to where it came from. For example, if a workmate who hates you casts a spell to make someone lose their job on you, the spell will bounce back, and the person who casts the spell is the one who will lose their job.

Protect your space

To ensure that people with bad intentions will never hurt you, protect all the important things to you. Ensure that there is positive energy where you stay. Clean your home both physically and spiritually. Cleaning the house physically means taking time to move the furniture and clean those hard-to-reach areas. Open the windows and doors so that there is a constant flow of fresh air.

Cleaning your home spiritually means ensuring that the negative energies that people in your household pick up as they go about their daily activities are washed away. This could be done by such simple acts as burning incense. It could also be as easy as lighting candles with a pleasant scent in each room of your house. Keep your soul clean by allowing things that have already happened to pass, knowing that you can never reverse the past, but you can determine what the future holds for you