In the last few articles we have done, I have been looking at specific spells. However, I keep receiving questions from people who are looking for the necessary information that we have already covered in other articles. It is for this reason that I have decided that today, I would like to look at some basic stuff about the spell of magic. I want to answer some questions that keep coming up.

Difference between spells and rituals

I often hear people using the words spells and rituals interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. So, I decided to find out if they actually do. The simple answer is that the two are different. For instance, a ritual is anything that you do for a given purpose. So, it may be a celebration like a wedding, and it doesn’t need to have a spell. On the other hand, a spell is magic performed to achieve a specific goal and always involves a ritual.

Do you keep wondering what spells of magic are? Discover the answer to this question and a lot of other fundamental questions that people ask about when they think about spells.

Why do spells have different names?

If you have been reading about spells, you have probably noticed that spells have different names such as Latin spells, black magic spells, full moon spells, and so on. The answer to this is quite simple. Where you see a spell having the name of a particular language like Latin, it means that the spell originates from that place.

You will also hear about black magic spells or dark spells. These are spells that are seen by some as being the evil spells that originated from places like Africa where people are supposed to have been worshipping evil gods. Of course, if you have read any of my other articles, you will learn that I do not agree with this way of thinking. However, I will leave this as an argument for another day.

Identifying good magic spells

The moment we start talking about good magic spells, this means that there are bad magic spells. To get people to understand this idea, I often offer the analogy of a knife. Is a knife a good or bad thing? Someone will say it is terrible because it has been used by criminals to stab people to death. On the other hand, someone will say that it is good because it can be used to cut food which feeds people.

The analogy of the knife saves to show that nothing is ever wrong on its own. What makes something wrong is when a human being takes it and uses it for the wrong reasons. So, whether we are talking about fire spells, water spells, or a hex spell, we are talking about good spells. They only begin to be evil spells the moment someone abuses them for selfish ends.

What is the lesson here? As someone who has been working with people and helping them to cast spells for some time, I can tell you that you attract that which you send out. You may cast spells to harm people, but I can tell you that all this will come back to haunt you someday. Some people call this Karma.

How to cast magic spells

Another question that keeps coming back is about how to cast magic spells. I think that the challenge with this question is that it assumes that spells are cast in the same way. It is more like asking, how do you sing?

Well, to be able to cast spells, you will need to start by learning. In the beginning, you may just be able to cast simple spells. However, as time goes on and you get the hang of things, you will be ready to start casting more complicated spells. I would advise that you identify powerful magic spells caster who understands 100% real magic spells casting.

What is a creature’s spell in magic?

Then there is the question of what a creature spell is in magic. I took some time to find out about this for the benefit of the readers of this site. The answer to this question lies in the word creature. So, a creature spell is a card that represents a creature.

Creature spells are cast when someone wants to attack or block an attack. To get an idea of the power of a creature spell, you need to look at the numbers found at the bottom of the card on the right-hand corner.

Spells that work instantly

Another question that I have to deal with a lot is what are spells that work immediately. Most people who ask these questions want to find a spell psychic that will do their magic and things change there and then. As the name suggests, a spell that works instantly is a spell whose results are seen as soon as the spell is cast. For example, when you cast an instant spell to get a lover back, you would expect that your ex-lover should call you back as soon as possible.

However, when I write about spells that work instantly, I always want to say that there is a caveat. You need to be careful when people tell you that they can help you cast these types of spells. In most cases, such people know that you are desperate and will do anything. If you want to cast a spell, I would advise that you exercise patience and trust that the spell will work when its time has arrived.

Do magic spells work?

There is no way I can deal with questions linked to spells and not have to answer this one. I wish there were a simple answer where one could say yes or no. However, what I can say is that whether a spell will work for you or not really depends on you.

Real magic spells that work fast depend on your ability to create the right energy for the spell to work. This energy is created by your ability to believe in the possibilities and see them with the eye of the mind. Apart from this, you have to get the guidance of a good spell caster and be willing to follow the instructions they give you.


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