I once heard somebody saying that anger is punishing yourself for someone else’s sins. I agree and believe that being angry at someone can be the same as carrying a piece of burning charcoal in your hand with the hope that you will meet your enemy and threw it at them. Medical experts have also demonstrated that anger can be linked to some medical conditions. This is the reason why I believe that someone prone to anger may need to consider spells to control anger.

Do you feel as if anger is consuming your whole being? Then you may want to discover the power of spells to control anger before it controls you.

Even though this article is mainly about using a spell for removing anger, I always think that it is prudent for us to look at the subject as a whole. This means that instead of just dealing on a case for anger and magic, we will also look at the reasons why people get angry. We will also look at the symptoms that you may have anger so that you can control excessive anger before it controls your life.

In the article, we will also look at the steps you may want to use to control anger when you are also using a spell to release anger.

Defining anger ( spells to control anger

I am not sure if anger needs any definition because as humans, we seem to be born with the ability to get angry just as much as we seem to know how do you spell anger. If you have ever seen a young baby throwing a rage, you will have an idea of what I am talking about. Anger can be defined as a powerful emotion that is linked to other feelings, such as being annoyed, disappointed, hurt, or frustrated. It happens to all humans and can sometimes be implicit or explicit.

By saying that anger can be implicit, I mean that a person may be angry on the inside and the people around that person may not know that the individual is angry. On the other hand, an angry person may not even know that they are angry, even though other people may see from their actions that the individual is angry. This is what leads people to ask, is it possible to use a spell to remove anger from someone else.

When anger is suppressed

Many people know that anger is frowned at. This is the reason why you may be wondering how to cast a spell on someone who hurt you. If this is a situation where you find yourself, I would like to advise you to trade with care because anger which is suppressed can lead to complications such as depression and anxiety.

Medical experts have indicated that when a person remains angry for a long time to the extent that they have what could be called chronic anger, they may end up developing other complications such as heart problems, high blood pressure, and disorders of the skin and digestion. Such people may find it a challenge to remain in productive relationships. Research on the causes of crime has also shown that angry people also tend to have problems linked to criminal conduct.

Where does anger spells come from?

I think that it is essential for us to answer the vital question of where anger comes from before we even look at such things as magical candle spells for anger. What we know is that anger is usually a reaction towards how we interpret and then react to everyday situations. Different things trigger feelings of anger in different people.

It is essential to be clear about what triggers you to be angry so that you will know when your anger is about to be unleashed and act on it responsibly.

Feeling threatened ( spells to control anger

Nonetheless, there are certain things which experts are attempting to provide an anger issues definition agree on. For instance, they agree that anger comes about when we feel threatened. It doesn’t matter whether the threat is real or perceived. As animals, we react to danger by wanting to mitigate that threat by protecting ourselves, a situation that places us in a combative mood.

Powerlessness and frustration

If you have ever been in a situation where you feel frustrated because you are feeling powerless, you have an idea of where anger comes from. Imagine yourself stuck in a bus or train that is not moving when going for an urgent appointment. In such situations, there is almost nothing you can do to change the situation. This can make you feel anger, even if you may not show that you are angry. It is in such circumstances that I would usually advise someone to get white candles to remove negative energy.

When someone shows disrespect

All rational human beings who have respect for others also want to be respected. This is the reason why it is easy to trigger feelings of anger when someone shows contempt for us. Sometimes the lack of respect can be demonstrated by a person treating us unfairly. It is also easy to get angry when someone treats our possessions with a lack of respect.

I am sure that you can now see the reason why you may need a spell to release anger. Now, let’s look at some things you may need to do in order to control your anger.

Using spells to control anger

While it’s okay for people to be angry once in a while, anger becomes dangerous when it starts to interfere with your daily routine. When anger starts to lead you to make decisions that you later regret, then I believe you should seek help. As I have already indicated, the right spells to control anger may be all you need.

It is also essential to speak to someone you trust about your anger challenges. If you use spells, you would want to choose your spellcaster carefully and ensure that it is someone who has the experience of dealing with anger management. Otherwise, you could also look for a course on anger management where you can learn from the experiences of others.


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